Cascade Transport

High-Speed Data Transfer and Video Streaming Engine
with CRN High-Performance Plug-and-Play TCP

Cascade Range Networks, Inc. (CRN) provides a high-speed data transfer and video streaming engine compatible with the conventional TCP to businesses. CRN's core product Cascade Transport is a new generation of TCP, built on a ground-up, completely new design and implementation of the conventional TCP protocol, while keeping its API unchanged. It optimizes your network , bringing superior performance and scalability to boost data and video transport performance critical for your business., and unlocks business performance, growth and profitability without a single line change of your application code or re-routing of your Internet traffic. With its modern architecture and software implementation, Cascade Transport, aka. CRN VCP is much more beyond conventional TCP optimization or TCP tuning. It can be installed instantly on all kinds of computing devices and servers, and supports hundreds of OS kernel versions and hardware platforms.

Cascade Transport aka. CRN TCP

Key Product Features


10x~100x faster than traditional TCP

Friendly to other TCP flows (no waste and no starving)


One protocol for data/video from 10Kbps to 10Gbps

Working seamlessly in LAN/MAN/WAN/mobile

Minimum CPU/battery consumption (same with traditional TCP)

Minimum memory footprint (only a few hundred KBs)


Instant drop-in replacement of system default TCP and zero downtime

No change to TCP socket and no integration needed with any TCP-based applications

Work seamlessly with other TCP peers

Extremely easy to configure (just by sysctl or /proc/sys/net on Linux)


Support all major Linux, Android and cloud providers distributions

Support all major hardwares from $10K data center servers to $10 edge devices

Easy to customize for various network scenarios

Support a wide range of applications (https, rtsp, etc.)

Just takes 10 seconds to have the CRN VCP on your servers or devices.

HD Live Streaming Demo from Africa Using CRN VCP without Any Help from SDWAN or CDN

Video Streaming from Camera with CRN VCP vs Conventional TCP
(TCP Stopped in 3 seconds)